More Than Word Programme Consent Forms

Please download these Consent Forms (You will need to contact Carolyn for the password).

Carolyn will also email you some Background Information Forms that you will also need to complete and return.

You should be able to fill all forms in on your computer / laptop. If you are unable to, contact

If you know how to do an electronic signature, please do this in the allocated places.

Otherwise you can take do one of the following:

  1. Take a photo of your signature and upload it to your computer, import it into the document
  2. Print out the forms and sign by hand, take photos or scan, upload to an email and forward to
  3. Finally if you are unable to do the other options, type in your names and the current date, then email to

I will need all these consent forms to be completed and forwarded back to me at least 3 days prior to your Pre-Programme Session – with thanks!