Upcoming Hanen Programs: starting prep autumn 2023

Good news! There are 24 places in total available for upcoming morning More Than Words programs via Zoom. Two programs will run on alternate Tuesday mornings and two will run on alternate Wednesday mornings. All will run from 9.30am to 12.15pm. Preparations starting in the Autumn of 2023 to get ready for the January 2024 programs.

Everyone who wishes to take part in a full program must attend one of the free no-commitment Zoom Orientation sessions. These will be available in October and November 2023. Please sign up for your preferred date using THIS LINK.

For those who have registered, attended an Orientation and been offered a place, Individual pre-program sessions will take place between October and December 2023. During this initial consultation, I will observe your child’s interaction with you for 10 minutes or so to get a baseline. We then discuss some short-term goals to work on right away and some longer-term goals for during the program. The programs will then kick off the second week in January 2024 and will run until the end of June 2024.

Parent-only group sessions will take place every two weeks, with some breaks for individual video feedback sessions to be arranged. These breaks will take the whole month of February, the whole month of April, and two weeks mid June. Each family will need to book in for their individual appointment during these breaks.

Unfortunately, I’m likely not in a position to run evening groups at the moment. But there are currently plenty of morning slots!

The program only involves 9 half days, spread out, so if you are working it only requires 4.5 annual leave days in total over a 6-month period.

Evening and weekend slots are available for the four individual sessions throughout the program for those who cannot take more than nine mornings away from work.

The Program

The program itself covers useful, practical strategies to promote interaction, communication and language. The program consists of nine morning parent-only group sessions and four individual sessions with you and your child. During the parent-only group sessions, we learn interesting information, brainstorm ideas, and watch video clips of other Hanen families. Each family will have an individualised plan to work on at the end of each group session.

The individual sessions address each child’s specific concerns and involve coaching and support from the SLT in real-time. Parents tell us that they find the individual sessions very helpful. Short video clips of all participating children will also be shown during group sessions for learning purposes. This is a necessary part of the program and while parents are often nervous of this, they often tell us that this was also the best part of the program.

Included in the program are two additional free evening ‘Social’ Zoom events during Video Feedback months, where parents from all programs get to sign in during two specific evenings. These sessions are not part of the Hanen More Than Words program and are optional but attendance is highly encouraged.

Parents from all concurrently running programs may sign in at the same time but parents from each program will be placed in their own breakout room together to connect and chat with other parents from their program. There is no agenda for these breakout room sessions. Carolyn may go into each room in turn to answer any queries. There is also an option for additional information to be presented during one of these Social events on current cutting-edge topics. All this is included in the program fee.

Fees for the morning programs in January 2024 will comprise two payments of €460. The first payment is due when booking the initial pre-program consultation session and will cover the first half of the program. The second payment is due halfway through the program in March / April 2024 when booking your second individual video feedback session. Receipts are provided for claiming with your Health Insurer. The program fee is spread over 8 session dates. Please check your cover directly with your Heath Insurer.

Looking forward to our upcoming Orientation Session!