Hanen Programs

What are Hanen Programs?

Hanen programs were developed by the Hanen Organisation based in Canada and are run in over 100 countries around the world. They consist of 3 month weekly courses that teach parents how to help their children improve aspects of their communication – parents become the therapist, even long after the program has ended. Each programme consists of a mix of parent-only learning sessions and several individual sessions arranged at a time that suits you. Research has demonstrated the effectiveness of these programs in helping children develop their language and communication skills.

More Than Words Program (MTW)

The MTW program targets social communication challenges in children up to age 4 years. Some of the participating children are autistic and some are not but experience similar challenges. You can read more about this program on the Hanen Website here. This is the main program offered.

It Takes Two To Talk (ITTT)

The ITTT program targets language enrichment in young children. You can read more about this program on the Hanen Website here. This program is occasionally offered.

Talkability (TA)

The TA program is for children aged approximately between 4 and 10 years who have much to say but experience some challenges in having conversations and playing with friends, and who would benefit from support to develop theory of mind skills. You can read about this program on the Hanen website here. This program is not currently being offered but do feel free to express your interest by emailing Carolyn.

Please email thespeechgrove@gmail.com for further information on any of the Hanen programs, or REGISTER HERE to get onto a contact list for upcoming free Orientation / Information Zoom meeting.