“As parents of a 5 year old minimally verbal child, we cannot thank Carolyn or recommend her enough to other parents who have speech delayed children. In a few short months, our child is using language, communicating more and engaging with us daily. Carolyn is kind, supportive, hugely insightful and enabled us to use the techniques and tools of the “More than Words” program which has made us empowered to help our child develop his speech and language. We now feel confident that within the next few months we will be able to have conversations with him. We are more than grateful to Carolyn and her unique ability to help us understand our child more and help him progress. We are now excited for his future!”

– E and D, 2021

Carolyn is a warm and sincere professional, obviously passionate about what she does. She gave us clear and specific directions about how to support our son’s social and communication skills and he went from strength to strength throughout the ‘More Than words’ programme. Carolyn was always happy to answer any questions and we felt very hopeful by the end knowing that there are tons of things we can do to continue supporting our child’s development. We wish every parent that has a child with Autism could have access to this course, it’s excellent.

– Anonymous, 2021 

Our son was 2 years old and non-verbal when he was diagnosed with autism. We felt lost and unsure of what to do next. One thing recommended to us was to take part in the Hanen ‘More than Words’ Program which could potentially help us address his struggles to communicate. We are so happy that we found this course and that Carolyn was the person leading us through it. Throughout the course she was patient, diligent, encouraging, thorough, understanding and kind. The course gave us structure to understand how our son was developing and the tools to develop his progress. We would have no hesitation recommending Carolyn and the ‘More than Words’ Program to any parent facing a similar situation.

– John & Claire, 2021

As parents the programme helped us to align and agree on our communication goals. It helped us to see everyday situations as opportunities to improve communication skills. This makes parenting more fun, and we feel better that we’re helping our child. The programme really works. Carolyn is a very supportive, professional and well-organised speech therapist. She gave us great guidance along the way.

– Anonymous, 2021

“Carolyn has provided us with great practical assistance in dealing with the challenge of our son’s autism diagnosis. Over the course of a few months, she has helped us to develop skills that have helped him to make enormous progress in his communication. Throughout, she has demonstrated sensitivity and skill in her engagement with us and our son. We will continue to turn to Carolyn for ongoing assistance, and we would recommend her to other parents without any hesitation.

– Anonymous, 2021

Our son had just turned 3 and had recently received his autism diagnosis when we found Carolyn. Another autism parent had suggested More than Words to us. We were feeling extremely frustrated as we had had very little support prior to this course. What we have learnt has been invaluable in helping our son’s communication progress. We are so happy that this course was suggested to us and more so that Carolyn was the practitioner leading it. Throughout the course Carolyn has been professional, supportive, encouraging and reassuring. Her understanding nature makes her so approachable at any time and her assistance throughout it all has no doubt made the course a lot easier to manage. The course has given us strategies and structure help our son develop to the best of his ability and I would recommend Carolyn and More than Words to anyone in a similar situation to us.

– Siobhan & Philip, 2021

“Our 18 month old son was presenting with ASD and was non-verbal. After getting recommendations from a number of professionals and doing our research we found the “More than words” Hanen Program and then found that Carolyn at The Speech Grove was running the Parenting course.  We signed up and are so happy we did.  The course was very professionally run, very organised and thorough.  The techniques and methods provided for parents are invaluable. The course requires a lot of work and engagement but the results are worth it.  Our son just turned 2 and now has a large vocabulary, can count to 10 and has short sentences starting to emerge. His confidence to attempt words at times astounds us. We couldn’t recommend the course highly enough.”

– J & D, 2021