Session 8

Hi everyone!

Congratulations on reaching Session 8! Please find below some documents to download. During Session 8 we will be talking about tying all the strategies together.

You will fill in some of these documents during Session 8, and you will fill some in at home afterwards. It is advised that you to print out your completed plan to keep it handy when you are trying out your plan.

You can also download all the previous templates and use them to help you to plan future goals for your child.

You can fill in all the forms below electronically by clicking boxes, or selecting an area to type text into.

If you are completing the form during a session please have a 2nd screen (not a phone) so you can fill it in while you are in your Breakout Room with other parents.

In all cases, please share your completed Week 8 Plan form and Final Feedback form with Carolyn via Seesaw.

Week 8 Plan

Please download your Plan template here:

You will need to fill out this form during Session 8 (Carolyn can help you do this), and then you will try out this plan in future at home.

6 Month Letter

Here is a template for a letter to yourself that you can complete with some goals that you would like to achieve within the next 6 months. You can give your completed letter to a family member in a sealed envelope, to give back to you in 6 months time, and you can see if you and your child have achieved those goals. You can download the letter here:

Final feedback Form

Please download your Report Back form template here:

During Session 8 or shortly afterwards, please complete and return to Carolyn ASAP via Seesaw to help improve future programmes.

Your account with Seesaw will be archived within the next 4 weeks, so make sure to download any templates that you would like to use in the future!

Congratulations on completing the Programme! I hope you found it useful. You have learned a lot about what to expect regarding your child’s progress, and hopefully you have gained some confidence in how to help your child well into the future.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your child the very best of luck in the future!