Session 8

Hi everyone!

Congratulations on reaching Session 8! Please find below some documents to download. During Session 8 we will be talking about tying all the strategies together.

You will fill in some of the documents DURING Session 8, so please have them prepared (either printed out or ready to complete electronically.)

Please share your completed Week 8 forms and Final Feedback form with Carolyn via email.

Week 8 Forms

Please download this Group Discussion Template which you will fill in during the session.

Please download this Ideas for My Child form. You’ll fill this out during the session.

6 Month Letter

Here is a template for a letter to yourself that you can complete with some goals that you would like to achieve within the next 6 months. You can put it somewhere safe in a sealed envelope, and revisit it after 6 months so you can see if you and your child have achieved those goals (leave a reminder in your phone). You could also give your completed letter to a family member or friend to keep safe in a sealed envelope, with instructions to return it to you in 6 months time.

Final feedback Form

Please download the Final Reflection and Evaluation (3 pages). You’ll fill this out and send it back to me during the session or immediately afterwards.

Final Word

Thank you for participating, and congratulations on completing the Programme! You have learned a lot about what to expect regarding your child’s progress, and hopefully you have gained some confidence in how to help your child well into the future.

I am available should you wish further Video Feedback sessions – please contact me by email if you would like to discuss this further. I can also link in with your local services if this is something that would be of benefit at this time.

It has been a pleasure working with you and your child. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family the very best of luck in the future!