Session 2 Video Appointment

Welcome to your first Video Session! Please find below some documents to download.

We will fill in some of these documents during the Video Session, and you will fill some in at home afterwards. Keep your Home Plans from session 1 and 2 handy as you will be trying them out during the Video session.

You can fill in all the forms below electronically by clicking boxes, or by selecting an area to type text into.

In all cases, please share your completed forms with Carolyn via Seesaw (or email), to keep your information on record and help with future sessions.

Video Discussion

We will fill in this Video Discussion Form together during the session. You can download it and follow along as we discuss it. Either you can fill it in, or Carolyn can fill it in. If you complete it, please make sure to share the completed form with Carolyn straight after the session.

Video Evaluation Form

Please download this Feedback Form. After this Video Session, please complete this feedback form and return to Carolyn via Seesaw to help her tailor the programme to your needs, and improve future programmes.

Thank you!