Session 2: Video Feedback Session

Welcome to your first Video Feedback Session! During this session you will have a chance to try out some of the strategies we have been learning about.

Please find below some documents to download.

We will fill in some of these documents during the Video Session, and you will fill some in at home afterwards. Keep your Home Plans from session 1 and 2 handy as you will be trying them out during the Video session.

To help you plan what you will try during the session, think about these questions:

  1. What is your child’s goal? We identified this during Session 2.
  2. What games have you been trying out from your home plans? You may want to try some of these activities
  3. What strategies will you use in today’s activity to help your child achieve his / her goal?
  4. Remember that you can ‘follow your child’s lead’ if s/he decides to do something else!

You can decide with Carolyn at the start of the session what activities and strategies to try. Carolyn will record a few minutes of you interacting with your child. She will offer you some guidance during this time. Following this, you will both review the video together, so you may wish to organise to have someone to mind your child while you review the video together. You’ll identify times that you were using strategies, and see the effect that it had on your child. It is also an opportunity to tweak the strategies so that they are even more effective next time!

There are 2 forms that we use during or after this session.

In all cases, please share your completed forms with Carolyn, to keep your information on record and help with future sessions.

Video Discussion Form

We will fill in this Video Discussion Form together during the session. You can download it and follow along as we discuss it. Either you can fill it in, or Carolyn can fill it in. Usually Carolyn screenshares the form and fills it in with you, and sends it on to you afterwards. (If you complete it, please make sure to share the completed form with Carolyn straight after the session.)

Video Evaluation Form

Please download this Feedback Form. After this Video Session, please complete this feedback form and return to Carolyn via email to help her tailor the programme to your needs, and improve future programmes.

Thank you!