Session 4 Video Appointment

Welcome to your second Video Session, after Session 4! Please find below some documents to download. These documents are also in the Google Drive link.

During this session, you will get a chance to focus on strategies we learned in Sessions 3 and 4.

We will discuss the following when we start our visit:

– What was your child’s goal?

– What strategies will you use in today’s activity to help your child achieve that goal?

Make sure these questions are in your mind when you’re doing your activities and trying out your home plans—they should help focus your interactions and keep you on track!

We will fill in some of the documents below during the Video Session, and you will fill some in at home afterwards. Keep your Home Plans from session 3 and 4 and the summary sheets on the 4 S’s and ROCK Routines handy as you will be trying them out during this Video session.

You can fill in all the forms below electronically by clicking boxes, or by selecting an area to type text into. If you are having trouble typing onto the page contact Carolyn to email you the forms. You may prefer to print out the Evaluation form and return to Carolyn.

Video Discussion

We will fill in this Video Discussion Form together during the session. Usually Carolyn writes what you dictate and sends it to you after the session. You can download it if you like here.

The usual password applies. Contact Carolyn if you are unsure of the password.

Once you receive it, please print it out and keep it handy when you work as it will remind you of what you are learning. If you complete it, please make sure to share the completed form with Carolyn straight after the session.

You may also like to write out some key words to help you remember what to do this week.

Video Evaluation Form

Please download the Evaluation Form here.

After this Video Session, please complete this form and return WITHIN 24 HOURS AFTER YOUR SESSION to Carolyn via email to help tailor the programme to your needs, and improve future programmes.

Thank you and see you soon!