Session 4

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Session 4! Here are some documents you will need for our upcoming session. These documents are also in the Google Drive link. Please contact Carolyn if you have any trouble with any of the forms.

During Session 4 we will be talking about about daily routines and some strategies to help your child learn to understand more language.

You will fill in some of these documents during Session 4, and you will fill some in afterwards. It is advised that you to print out your completed home plan to keep it handy during the week when you are trying out your plan.

In all cases, please share your completed forms with Carolyn via email, so that she can offer assistance and support especially during your video sessions.

Week 4 Home Plan

Please download your Week 4 Home Plan template here.

You will need to fill out this form during Session 4 (Carolyn can help you do this), and then you will try out the plan at home during the week, every day if you can. The more repetition, the better! Little and often is best. Please return your completed form to Carolyn no later than 5pm the day after Session 4.

Evaluation Form

Please download the Session Evaluation Form here.

After Session 4, please complete and return to Carolyn via email to help tailor the programme to your needs, and improve future programmes. Return it no later than 5pm the day after Session 4.

Week 4 Report Back

Please download your Week 4 Report Back Form here.

Once you have tried out your home plan, please fill in the Report Back form and return it to Carolyn via email, no later than Monday.

Thank you and see you soon for our next session!